Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Watts / Watson

Dedicated to all of the Watts & Watson researchers who made this possible. Thank you.

The Watts / Watson families match a Watson family from Yorkshire, England in DNA (see below). It is likely they had a brief layover in Northern Ireland before settling in the 13 Colonies as Protestant Dissenters, much like the family of President Andrew Jackson and so many other northern English. My family first appears in the written record in western North Carolina. 

My Direct Line 
John Watts / Watson (ca.1756-1842)*Macon County, NC - St. Clair County, AL
Eli Watts / Watson (1795-1875)*NC - Marshall County, AL
Daniel Dodson Watts (1820-1901)*Buncombe County, NC - Marshall County, AL
Daniel Oscar Watts (1867-1951)*Boaz, AL - Haleyville, AL
Huey Brittin Watts Sr. (1910-1994)*Haleyville, AL - Hornbeak, TN
Huey Brittin Watts Jr. (b.1931)*Haleyville, AL - Powder Springs, GA
Perry Brittin Watts (b.1958)*Anniston, AL - Atlanta, GA
Matthew Brittin Watts (b.1986)*Atlanta, GA

DNA Matches
John Joseph Watts (1774-1847)*Burke County, NC - Rabun County, GA
John Watts (ca.1785-1850)*NC - Blount/Winston/Cullman counties, AL
Joseph Watts (1807-1880)*Scott/Morgan counties, TN
Jacob Z. Watts (1793-1868)*Montgomery County, NC - Virgil, KS
John Watts (1795-1862)*NC - Marion County, AR
Reuben Watts / Watson (1804-1860)*NC - Sevier/Cocke counties, TN
Moses Watts (1800-1850)*Montgomery/Stanley counties, NC
Burton Watts (ca.1820-1880)*SC - Union County, MS
William Wallace Watts (1832-1892)*Macon County, NC
David Watts (b.1786)*NC - Lumpkin County, GA
Andrew Watts (b.1799)*NC - Lumpkin County, GA
Levi Watts (1812-1889)*NC - Cherokee County, GA
John Z. Watts (b.1791)*VA - Jones County, GA
Levi Edmond Watson (1792-1862)*NC - Sharp County, AR
Peter Watson (b.1810)*KY - Greene/Randolph counties, AR
Smith Watson (1853-1917)*Bollinger County, MO
Peter Watson (b.1820)*NC - Greene County, AR
William B. Watson (b.1848)*KY - Stoddard County, MO
John H. Watson (1817-1888)*Yorkshire, England - Saginaw County, MI

*All of these lines contain numerous descendants.

Ancient Origins
The genetic haplogroup of the Watts / Watson men is R-BY13827, descended from Z8, U106, and R1b. Ancient matches outside of the British Isles are primarily in northern Germany & the Netherlands, indicating a likely Anglo-Saxon origin.

Daniel Dodson Watts

James Monroe Watts (son of Jacob Z. Watts)

John H. Watson (Yorkshire, England)

John H. Watson Jr. & Family

Will of John Watts / Watson (St. Clair County, AL)

Land plot of John Watts / Watson (St. Clair County, AL)

Cemetery of John Joseph Watts Family (Rabun County, GA)

Gillespie Chapel (Franklin, NC) Founded by William Wallace Watts

Wiltz Woodrow Watts (great-grandson of John Joseph Watts)
Chaplain to President Theodore Roosevelt

Levi Watson (son of Levi Edmond Watson)

Thomas Jefferson Watson (son of Peter Watson)

Pleasant Marvin Watts (great-grandson of John Joseph Watts)

James Britton Watts (son of Daniel Dodson Watts)

General Watts (son of James Britton Watts)

Ellis Harmon Watts (son of James Britton Watts)

William Watts (grandson of Jacob Z. Watts) & Family

Cemetery of Eli Watts Family (Boaz, AL)

John Silas Watson (grandson of Levi Edmond Watson) & Family

Flag of Yorkshire

Map of Yorkshire

Yorkshire Landscape

The Counties of Western North Carolina

Autumn in the Nantahala National Forest, NC